11:33pm, 09/03/14
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The Cheese is not Just for Eating
Thousands attended the annual Arthur Cheese Festival over the weekend — not just for eating, but for contests such as cheese curd spitting and cheese carving. Each year the festival gives away over 700 pounds of cheese.
09/02/2014 05:38:59am
Soy Bean Infection in Parts of the State
There’s evidence of a soybean crop infection in west-central Illinois. It keeps the plant from sending water and nutrients to the leaves. They start dying and turn yellow and brown.
09/02/2014 05:38:09am
Real Estate Taxes Released in Piatt County
Piatt County Judge Roger Webber released $370,000 in real-estate taxes, paid in protest from 1964 to 1995. The money will be divided among 53 county taxing bodies — $5 for the village of Ivesdale, $90,000 for the Monticello school district.
09/02/2014 05:37:24am
Fish Barrier Back in Place in Decatur
A barrier to keep invasive Asian carp out of Lake Decatur is back in place after it was damaged during bad weather in Feb. This time, it’ll be able to withstand ice and debris.
09/02/2014 05:36:36am
Grandparents Day at Scovill Zoo
Celebrate Grandparents’ Day at Scovill Zoo this Sun. from noon to 3 with all sorts of animal presentations, cake walks, games, and more. Grandparents get in free with a paying child.
09/02/2014 05:35:41am
Two Ordinances up for Discussion in Decatur
The Macon County Board’s Siting, Rules & Ordinances sub-committee will meets Thurs. afternoon at 5:30 to discuss two ordinances — one on county noise, and one on permit fees for oversize trucks.
09/02/2014 05:34:53am
Road Work on County Hwy. 38 in Decatur
Weather permitting, a 2 mile section County Hwy. 38 — E. Washington St. Rd. — in Decatur will be closed this Fri. until Sept. 11. Road construction starts at County Hwy. 25 — Argenta Rd. — westbound toward Sawyer Rd.
09/02/2014 05:34:05am
Two Men Sentenced in Home Invasion
Two men have received 30-year prison terms after pleading guilty to a home invasion in Decatur last year. Cameo McCrory, 23, and Charles Reed, 23, attacked two women with homemade blowtorches and sexually assaulted them.
09/02/2014 05:32:59am
Visit the New Chicks
Three flamingo chicks are waiting for you to come visit them at Scovill Zoo in Decatur. The zoo received several fertile flamingo eggs from the Oklahoma City Zoo and the Scovill flamingos s are raising the chicks as their own.
08/29/2014 06:03:23am
More Phone Scams Making the Rounds
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan warns of a couple of phone scams. If someone calls and says you need to send money for unpaid taxes or to collect sweepstakes winnings — don’t fall for it, it’s a scam.
08/29/2014 06:02:37am
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