Independence Day by the Numbers

The Fourth of July is one the biggest holidays and not just because it celebrates the founding of our nation, but people around the country go all out with barbecues, beach parties and of course huge firework displays. put together some fun and interesting numbers for the Fourth of July. According to their research Americans will shell out $6.7 billion this holiday weekend on food alone. Cities spend between $30,000-$50,000 for big firework displays. Each year the U.S. imports about $4.4 million worth of American flags and banners mainly from China. Here are some other fun facts about the Country we live in and how we spend the holiday weekend. There have been 27 different official flags used in U.S. history and the current flag design we use was chosen in 1960 and 63.9 percent of Americans own an American flag. When it comes to food, 150 million hot fogs are consumed during each July 4th holiday, 700 million pounds of chicken are purchased a week before the holiday and 190 million pounds of beef are purchased two weeks prior to the holiday. Travel and safety are two huge things to look at during the holiday weekend, with 41.9 million people traveling 50 plus miles from home for the July 4th weekend and the cost of a DUI on the 4th of July can average $10,000. Americans love their country and go all out year after year.

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