12:42am, 04/25/14

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Today, On Busboom and Wolfe

Coming up this Morning on Busboom and Wolfe:  We visit with Congressman Rodney Davis at 7:10a.m.  Easter Seals joins us at 7:35a.m. for a final push on Celebration Day activities.  The Boss Mr Bullock checks in at 7:20a.m.  The Macon County Conservation District stops by at 8:10a.m.  News, Weather, Sports, and your phone calls, all a part of Thursday Morning.  Be sure to join the conversation at 6a.m. on Talk 101!

Clean Joke of The Day

There was an Englishman an Irishman and a Scotsman....

One day they came across a ladder and climbed up it... as one does...

At the top of the ladder there was a genie and she said: "As you go down this slide, shout out whatever you want to land in..."

So the Englishman shouted "Beeeeeeer"
The Scotsman shouts "Whisssskey"
And the poor old Irishman shouted"weeeeeeeee!"

County Market Groundbreaking Press Conf.

Base Jump From Freedom Tower 

Fight Breaks Out at Jefferson




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