05:10pm, 04/23/14

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Today, On Busboom and Wolfe

Coming up this Morning on Busboom and Wolfe:  We visit with Wanda from The Perfect Pair Antiques in Warrensburg coming up at 7:10a.m.  The Boss Mr Bullock joins us at 7:20a.m. as also does the Mayor of Decatur Mike McElroy for a special announcement.  Billy Tyus from the City of Decatur sits in for Ryan McCrady at 7:35a.m.  Lisa Taylor, Superintendent of DPS 61 schools joins us at 8:10a.m.  Chances for you to win, and your phone calls.  Come join the conversation at 6a.m. on Talk 101!

Clean Joke of The Day

A dentist a nurse and a army general are flying. 

The dentist decides to drop a tooth brush out of the plane. The nurse drops down a medical kit and the army general drops a bomb. 

They land the airplane and see what happened...

First they found a guy looking for his false teeth.

Next they found a guy bandaging his wounds.

Lastly they found a young boy laughing his head off.

They asked him what happened and he said, "My grandfather farted and blew up his house."

County Market Groundbreaking Press Conf.

Base Jump From Freedom Tower 

Fight Breaks Out at Jefferson




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