Phishing Scam

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office is alerting residents to a new phishing scam making its way through central Illinois.
Deputies say the new scam involves an alleged company sends residents a letter that offers to provide property owners with a complete report of their property for a fee. However, officials say this is just a scam to take money from property owners.
Additionally, the Macon County Recorder has taken several phone calls regarding the validity of the letter. In response, Recorder Mary Eaton says any property owner in Macon County can obtain a certified copy of their property’s
Attached to this article is a redacted copy of a letter one Macon County resident has received. If you suspect someone is trying to scam you, or if you have fallen victim to a scam, you are urged to call the Macon County Elder Abuse and Scam Hotline at (217) 615-7582.

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