Illegal Dumping

A case of illegal dumping is serving as a warning for all Macon County residents. The Macon County Sheriff’s Office discovered several household items dumped at the end of Dantown Road, just east of Argenta.
Upon sifting through the dump site, Department. Matt Hunt located a picture of a person, through his investigation. He learned that person lived in Argenta, and was responsible for the illegal dumping of the household items and trash.
The property owner declined to file a criminal complaint against that person, as long as the site was cleaned up by the person by. A report will be completed by Dep. Hunt and forwarded to the Macon County Environmental Management Department for further follow ups by that department with the property owner and the responsible individuals.
The Macon County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents that dumping is illegal and costly to property owners and local governments. It can also be costly to those that illegally dump, with fines up to $1,500 per violation or higher depending on what is dumped.

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