Two Arrested on Meth Charges

Illinois Department of Revenue Liquor Control Commission were conducting a liquor compliance check at Bottoms Up Bar on December 22 when the incident happened.

Authorities say they informed a bartender they were there for a liquor license inspection, when the bar manager 31-year-old Jesse Kater, who was in the bar office, attempted to slam the door on an officer.

They say Kater then gave several meth manufacturing materials to his girlfriend 26-year-old Michelle Cole, who was also in the office at the time authorities arrived.

Cole was taken into custody outside the bar. Authorities say she told them she was aware the items were used to make meth and that Kater had told her to get rid of them. According to the crime report, Cole also had loaded needles in her purse. Kater is also in custody.

Kater and Cole face charges of Aggravated Participation Meth Manufacturing, Participation in Meth Manufacturing, Possession of Meth Manufacturing Materials and Use of Property to Violate Meth Control Act.

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