MU Football Stays in Looker Room During Anthem

In a move that has garnered support from some and outrage from many others, the Millikin University Football team stayed in their locker room for the National Anthem. The decision came after several football players kneeled during the National Anthem at a football game on September 24th, causing a discussion within the school and the football team. In an email sent to students and facility, the school and the football described why they made their decision, “Rather than have our message be misunderstood or misconstrued, we are united in our decision to stay in the locker room until kickoff during which time we will engage in a moment of reflection to personally recognize the sacrifice of so many and renew our commitment to living up to those most important words: “with liberty and justice for all.”Some Millikin fans have said they will no longer come to the games as long as Millikin players stay in the locker room for the National Anthem. However, many fans do believe the university has made the right decision.

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