Officer Involved Shooting

Shortly after 1 a.m. this morning, an on-duty Decatur Police Officer received information that a person was in the 800 block of East Main street and in possession of a handgun. Decatur Police Officers responded to the call and encountered a person matching the description of the subject that was alleged to have been in possession of a handgun. During the engagement, the Decatur Police Officer fired his weapon, striking the person. The person was then secured and medical personnel was immediately dispatched to the scene. EMS personnel was dispatched to the scene 36 seconds after the officer indicated that shots had been fired and arrived shortly after. The individual was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital for a gunshot wound to the chest region. At this time, the person is listed in serious condition. The person has been tentatively identified as a 40 year old, black male and a Decatur resident. Two white male police officers were on scene during the incident and only of the officers fired his weapon during the incident. The investigation has been turned over to the Illinois State Police, which is standard protocol for the Decatur Police Department in officer-involved deadly force incidents. The investigation is on going and the facts surrounding the incident are being investigated by the Illinois State Police.

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