FBI: Hillary Clinton “Extremely Careless” But Recommends No Charges To Be Filed

Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is reacting to the news that the FBI is recommending no criminal charges in the Hillary Clinton email probe.  Trump tweeted that the “system is rigged.”  He argued that Clinton compromised national security and said she used very bad judgment in how she handled email when she was Secretary of State.  Trump also called the FBI recommendation very unfair and said, “Wow!”  The FBI spent months investigating Clinton’s use of a personal email account and private server when she ran the State Department.

Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, has acknowledged that her email system was a mistake.  FBI Director James Comey said Clinton and associates were “extremely careless” in handling sensitive emails when she was Secretary of State.  Briefing reporters, Comey said FBI agents found no evidence of intentional misdeeds.  He argued that no reasonable prosecutor would bring criminal charges in such a case.  The FBI report has been forwarded to career prosecutors in the Justice Department.

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