Rauner Warns Democrats on tying stopgap budget to CPS ‘bailout’

After a return to the state capitol on Wednesday, Governor Bruce Rauner accused Democrats of standing in the way of a stopgap budget deal by insisting on a bailout of struggling Chicago Public Schools. Rauner had said before he was open to providing aid to the cash strapped district if Mayor Rahm Emanuel would have use his influence among Democrats in the legislature to help push through portions of the governors agenda. That did not happen and Rauner has since said he is putting his wish on hold until after the elections in November. Rauner said on Monday that sides are to close to an agreement to keep core services operating, he feared that Democratic leaders would force a potential delay by adding hundreds of millions of dollars in help for the CPS. The State government is very close to entering it’s second straight year without a complete budget Friday, which is when the new fiscal year is set to start. The Senate Democrats rolled out a plan late Monday that would increase school spending by $760 million, along with an extra $75 million for early childhood education. CPS would get an additional $286 million in general state aid a year under the plan, along with an extra $100 million for pension payments. Rauner said he would not agree to a one-time financial help for the city as a part of a stopgap deal. On Monday, Rauner walked back the warning that services with road work in the state will immediately cease, saying “it won’t be exactly July 1st, but starting July 1st, there’s the risk.” He declined to detail what contingency plans his office has in place.


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